Because There Isn’t Always “An App For That”


Online Courses

Our online courses allow you to start practicing the course-specific skills that will be taught and tested at live events. The online courses will also help you meet the fitness guidelines for our certification courses. Click here to get started!

Gear & Apparel

Our live events require specific gear kits and we recommend that you bring wear high-performance clothing. You can bring your own stuff or you can rent or buy NorCal Survive gear and apparel at our store. Click here to shop.

Day Events & Calendar

Swing by a day event to get some great training and make new friends. Day events a teach a wide range of skills from knot tying and shelter building to firearms safety and self-defense, to natural medicine and wilderness first aid. Click here to check it out.


Day events and our gear kits + online courses, prepare you for S1, S2 & S3 which are multi-day certification courses led by Navy SEALs and other survival experts. Each certification course lays the foundation for the next course. Click here for course descriptions.

Because there isn’t always “An App For That”

Smart phones, computers, facebook, instagram and

incessant tech bombardment have turned us into blue-faced zombies.

The zombie apocalypse? Please… It is already here.

Day by day, we are a little less self-sufficient

and more out of touch with the physical world.

Liking, sharing and commenting our way through

days, months and years of time not-well-spent.

Social media does not bring us closer to one another,

it’s a mirage in the desert and it driving us apart.

Technology does not ALWAYS empower us,

sometimes it makes us weak and dependent.

How often do you troll the lives of others on Facebook instead

of paying attention to the person sitting right beside you?

When was the last time you could not stop thinking about your

phone as a good friend confided in you?

Trust me. I’m not judging. I’m as bad as you are.

We are living in the past. Stressing about future. And never living in the NOW.

There’s gotta be a better way.


NorCal Survive is a lifestyle brand. We are a community

of pragmatic, self-sufficient, free-thinkers focused

on learning new, confidence inspiring, practical skills.

We are consummate adventurers and students

of the natural world.

ral world.

We are the people you want by your side when

your tire goes flat, your phone goes dead, you’re

lost in the forest, caught in the rain or the

power grid goes down.

ral world

Hoping shit hits the fan, is weird. Being ready for

anything, is massively empowering.

ral world

Most importantly… our events are a blast.

We host online courses, day courses and 3 overnight certification courses (S1, S2, S3).  Our live events are held at our ranches in the San Jose Mountains and the Hawaiian Islands. Your lead instructors are Navy SEALs, Green Berets, Army Rangers and Marines.

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Want to get the first of of our online Survival Courses for $7?

“This course taught me more about my strengths and weaknesses as a leader, how to maintain my composure and stay on task even when the going gets tough in 5 days than I’ve learned in 5 years. The instructors were tops notch. Taught us tons of practical, real-world skills that I can use not only in the outdoors but in day to day life. These skills and this mindset, is now a part of who I am. S3 was truly one of the most powerful experiences I have ever had. I cannot recommend it enough.” Drew Long, S3 Hawaii Graduate

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