6 Pack Action Plan Pre Game Show

Welcome and hats off to you for taking action! Are you ready to get in the best shape of your life?

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We need to do a little prep work to ensure your success.

Just like failing to sand and patch your walls before painting yields a crappy looking paint job…

Or not having a strategy before stepping onto the battlefield will get you killed…

There are a couple things you must do before we get started.

1. Meet Your New Clan-  Join the “6 Pack Action” Facebook group now by clicking here and then return to this email.

2. Publicly Commit, Cross The Rubicon & Burn The Boats- When the exiled Julius Caesar set foot onto Rome with his renegade army (Crossed the Rubicon River, the boundary line between Gaul and Rome), he and his army were then official at war with the Roman Republic. It’s ime for you to declare war on your unwanted fat.

When Caesar landed in Alexandria to wage war on Gnaeus Pompey, he ordered his men to burn their own boats, “There is no option for retreat now, we either defeat Pompei, or we die on Egyptian soil. There are two ways out. Victory or Death.” No going back.

Why do this? These small but critical acts increase your chances for success by 100%.2

You can copy/paste the below paragraph on your Facebook wall and to our FB group.

“Hello friends. I am publicly committing to the 6 Pack Action Plan. This means that for the next 28 days, I vow to eat Paleo at least 5 days/per week. It also means I will be completing at least 3 intense workouts per week. My alcohol consumption will be reduced to 1-2 days max per week. My goal is to lose __ lbs and/or replace those lbs with lean body mass. I am committing to this new lifestyle and weight loss goal for 28days. Thanks for your support.”

3. Food- Buy the Slow Cooker (Crock Pot) damnit! I personally own and use The Hamilton Beach cooker (same slow cooker I link to) to lose 10lbs in 28days. It will make the next 4 weeks SO much easier for you. 

Don’t like the Hamiltion? Get one on craigslist or at the store. 

Full transparency- Yes the links I provide, are affiliate links sometimes. I get paid a 4% commission from amazon if you use my links. You don’t pay an extra 4%. Amazon pays me an independent 4%. Use them. Don’t use them. I don’t care. Just get the crock pot.

4. Workout App- Sign up for Freeletics

That is your homework for today!

Get to it.

Don’t delay another second.

Chat soon,



Author: Bryce Anderson – Made In San Francisco (Since 1863)

In 1863, Bryce’s family left Ireland and arrived in San Francisco. He is a 5th generation San Franciscan, an Ad-Tech Nerd, an ex-Fire Fighter | EMT, an outdoorsman and the Founder of NorCal Survive. As such, Bryce understands the importance of ditching the laptop, venturing into the wild and testing your limits. “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” – V Brooks

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