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Sweet! So now you know some basic nutrition physiology.  My favorite recipes below, will get you ripped and after reading Why Carbs Are “Bad” And Fat Does Not Matter you know the reason why.

My Favorite Paleo Recipes:

1. Smoky Pork Carnitas– This dish is insanely inexpensive and DELICIOUS. 20 mins of prep and 4lbs of porkpork shoulder will keep you fed for 3 days. Total cost is about $16 and you will get about 6 meals. Crazy right? A few modifications that I use are:

  • Trim as much fat off of the pork shoulder as possible before cooking. You can cook it with the fat and eat around it. I trim.
  • Cook with sweet potatoes around the sides of my slow cooker. Be sparing with sweet potatoes. 1/2 potato per meal.
  • Sauerkraut and Spinach taste great with this dish. On day 2, I will take a handful of spinach and throw it in a frying pan. I then throw and serving of the carnitas on top and finally some sauerkraut which is a great probiotic.
  • Cholula- A little hot sauce on top and you are flying!
  • When you are ready to get cracking click here Smoky Pork Carnitas
  • These dishes do require spices but you can order online them easily and economically but clicking the image below.


2. Crock Pot Chicken Musakhan– Ready for something new? This palestinian dish is like nothing you havechicken ever tasted. The recipe calls for Saffron, which is awesome but expensive. You don’t need it to make this dish incredible. This dish requires 10-20mins, cost is $12-20 depending on spices and quality of chicken and yield about 5-6 meals.

  • Saffron is not a must
  • I cheat and put a spoonful of Greek yogurt with cinnamon on my plate to mix in to the chicken and caramelized onions and pine nuts. Wow! Unreal.
  •  Pine nuts are a bit pricey. Substitute sliced almonds if you find pine nuts are too much.
  • Click here to get started >> Crock Pot Chicken Musakhan

3. Slow Cooker Jambalaya (Bomb!) – I know that this recipe was the first that I sent and in the #3 spot here. Don’t worry about it. This is my #1 favorite dish. I seriously cannot keep my head out of the pot when I make a batch of this stuff.
6-pack-action-recipe-1-is-here1This one takes a little longer to make because of all of the ingredients, cost about $3.11 per serving and I add extra sausage, chicken and 1lb of ground turkey so I get about 8-10 meals per batch.

  • I use frozen langostino tails (little lobsters) from Trader Joes instead of shrimp.
  • Instead of buying a cajun spice you can make one using my sister’s recipe to the right.
  • DO NOT use rice. That is not paleo. Use Cauliflower rice.
  • Go to Slow Cooker Jambalaya for the unmodified recipe and use the recipe above for the 6 Pack Action modifications.

These 3 recipes will get you started and cover both lunch and dinner.

For breakfast I recommend:

  • 1-2 eggs or the equivalent in egg beaters.
  • 1 low sugar protein shake
  • 1 handful of nuts
  • Sometime I cheat and eat 1/2 cup greek yogurt with nuts, cinnamon and dried berries
  • Take your coffee black
  • Drink lotsa water
  • Do this 5-6 days per week
  • Get your spices here

Leave questions in the comments box below.

Bon apetit!

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