NorCal Survive Is Hiring!

Seeking: SF Bay Area active and veteran military men and women for leadership roles at survival themed events. Special pay for Spec Operators. Also hiring non-military outdoorsmen, trackers, and guides.

Pay range: $250-750 per day depending on event and individual. All food, airfare, and lodging (at events with lodging and airfare included).

Potential Events and Skills: Hell Night (initiation with log PT or other), Land Navigation, Orienteering, Knots, Shelters, Fire, Basic Medical, Skinning, Trapping, Survival Mindset, Basic Self-Defense, Day-Time Stalking, Night Time Stalking, Fireman Carry, Basic Firearms Training (not all skills listed are required)

Locations: San Francisco Bay Area For 1-2 day events. Hawaii and Baja California for 5-day premium events.

Personality Type: Enjoys working with civilians. Likes being in a leadership role. Wants an opportunity to put his or her many skills and strengths learned in the military to good use. Comfortable with the social component of our events: keeping people engaged, keeping the conversation going, military stories and recalling funny events from your time served and humor (in general) is welcomed and always well received.

Below are some links to past premium events and video:

2-Day San Jose Event

5-Day Hawaii Event

Mini-Documentary From Hawaii Event (formerly called Man Camp Hawaii)

If interested please contact Bryce –

Author: Bryce Anderson – Made In San Francisco (Since 1863)

In 1863, Bryce’s family left Ireland and arrived in San Francisco. He is a 5th generation San Franciscan, an Ad-Tech Nerd, an ex-Fire Fighter | EMT, an outdoorsman and the Founder of NorCal Survive. As such, Bryce understands the importance of ditching the laptop, venturing into the wild and testing your limits. “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” – V Brooks

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