Why carbs are “bad” and fat does not matter (Dietary Guidelines for 6 Pack Action)

It is time to start eating your way into a 6-pack.

Before we crack on, I want to give you a couple quick and easy physiological and nutritional principles Untitled designnamely…

Why carbs are bad and fat does not matter.

Hard to believe yes. But, I have tested this theory many times and here is what matters:

  1. Fast Carbs rapidly convert to sugar and are rapidly absorbed into the blood stream
  2. Resultingly, blood sugar spikes and insulin is released to lower blood sugar levels
  3. Insulin converts the excess sugar to fat
  4. Fast Carbs (bread, sports drinks, soda) are low in or have no fiber
  5. Fiber is also a carb, but it has no effect on blood glucose
  6. Your body does not know the difference between the sugar in a bowl of ice cream and the fast carbs in a dutch crunch roll
  7. They are both sugar ultimately (bread converts to sugar) which spikes your insulin levels and goes straight into your blood stream
  8. Again, your body does not know how to use this massive influx of blood sugar (energy) so it produces insulin to drop your blood sugar by turning sugar into fat (stored energy)
  9. Carbs with fiber (beans, berries, veggies) are known by some as slow carbs
  10. Slow Carbs also convert to sugar, but the fiber content helps prevent sugar/insulin spikes so the energy doesn’t immediately convert to fat (stored energy)39f5bcb3ee59268f697d803a59baf4a6
  11. The sugar is used more slowly and efficiently over the course of the day. It does not overload your body, cause insulin spikes and immediately convert to fat (stored energy for later usage)
  12. Fat molecules not are not broken down by glycolysis (glucose/sugar digestive process). Fat is broken down through gluconeogenesis. I have personally found zero correlation between fat consumption and how lean I am. In fact, I get great results on high fat diets.
  13. BUT… You don’t want to go on high fat diets for long periods of time. It is bad for the heart. High saturated fat diets can cause atherosclerosis.
  14. Also, some people are better at breaking down fat than other and my workouts are extremely intense so this works for me.
  15. Fat yields 9 calories per gram which is more than twice that of protein and carb units  (4 cals).
  16. So… if you want to really get results fast, leaner meats are going to expedite your results (calories you eat vs calories you burn)
  17. Do NOT GO CRAZY ON Slow Carbs. YES. You will be eating beans, nuts and sweet potatoes. But, limit your consumption. They still covert to sugar and need to be burned.
  18. Go Crazy on meats and veggies.
  19. Do not eat a ton of fruit. I piece of fruit per day. Fruit has fructose (fruit sugar) and your jamba juice smoothie is not good for you when it comes to weight loss. I get my vitamins and minerals from vegetables.

So now you know the deal!

Let’s cook.

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Author: Bryce Anderson – Made In San Francisco (Since 1863)

In 1863, Bryce’s family left Ireland and arrived in San Francisco. He is a 5th generation San Franciscan, an Ad-Tech Nerd, an ex-Fire Fighter | EMT, an outdoorsman and the Founder of NorCal Survive. As such, Bryce understands the importance of ditching the laptop, venturing into the wild and testing your limits. “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” – V Brooks

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